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LookUp Kids!

In order for our kids to enjoy life offline, we need to help them out a bit by investing in some fun gifts for the holidays!

Here are some of our tested, tried and true ideas for kids!
We hope this helps you FamilyUp this holiday season!

Have you heard the rhyme:
Something they WANT, something they NEED, something they WEAR, and something they READ?
We like to use this as our guide when shopping for our own kids!

Have you downloaded our Wish List Template yet?

screen free gift ideas for kids
subscription box for kids

We love a good subscription box, especially when it keeps our kids off screens and learning life skills! With Raddish, your kids can learn how to move around the kitchen and create some amazing dishes!

Use this link to get a discount today!

subscription box for kids

Speaking of subscription boxes, Tessa with LookUp and her boys have been receiving KiwiCo boxes for years! You can't go wrong with age appropriate, monthly boxes that help kids develop creativity and engineering skills!

Go here to sign up today!

screen free gift for kids

You can never go wrong with the classic lego! It helps with fine motor skills, creativity and can take up hours if not a full day!

Find a variety of sets here!

screen free gift for kids

The perfect coloring set for kids!

Find it HERE!

screen free gift for kids

The Alexa Echo Dot is such a great option for kids to have in their room to listen to music, hear stories, or even learn new jokes. And they have quite a few cute designs. Tessa's kids use these as their alarm clocks with their favorite song every morning!

Grab yours HERE!

*Make sure to set up the parental controls in your Alexa app*

screen free gift for kids

Relaxing and Fun for bath time!

Find this set HERE

screen free gift for kids

Spending some time outside is always a great idea to keep your kids busy and entertained. Check out this cool ball that, when thrown, turns into a flat frisbee!

You can find it HERE!

screen free gift for kids

Puzzles are always a great option for developmental skills! Gayle and her family are always working on one!

Amazon has tons to choose from!

screen free gifts for kids

We are firm believers in comfort and that you can never have enough blankets! Especially ones that glow in the dark!

Check out some HERE!

screen free gifts for kids

Don't want the Echo Dot just yet? Tonies is a great alternative for music listeners!

And Tonies is almost always running great sales!

Check them out HERE!

screen free gifts for kids

The Purrble is Tessa's favorite stuffed animal for her own kids and kiddos who need a little extra comfort when falling asleep. Purrble has a soothing purr and heartbeat that will put anyone to sleep quick!

Get this guy HERE!

screen free gift for kids

Speaking of comfort, anything for the bedroom or playroom that makes it more cozy is a win in our book!

Check out Kids Teepees HERE!

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 1.08.23 PM.png

FamilyUp with this hilarious game (similar to cards against humanity but appropriate for all ages) and get ready to laugh your socks off!

Get this awesome game HERE!

screen free gift

These are the PERFECT activities to FamilyUp and for the kids to connect with each other! Tessa has both of these and her boys request to do a new activity weekly! They're creative and unique and create wonderful memories!

Use code: GIFT at checkout!

Find them HERE!

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