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LookUp Young Adults!

Even if your kids are now grown and out of the house, you know you will still want to get them some holiday gifts!

Here are some of our tested, tried and true ideas for young adults!
We hope this helps you FamilyUp this holiday season!

Have you heard the rhyme:
Something they WANT, something they NEED, something they WEAR, and something they READ?
We like to use this as our guide when shopping for our own kids!

Have you downloaded our Wish List Template yet?

Screen free gifts
Screen free gifts

Candles are classic gift that all individuals will appreciate and use! Help your young adult child have a nice smelling place!

Find it HERE!

screen free gifts family

Have you played Catan? It is so much fun and never gets old!

Buy it HERE!

*If you're have a big family like Tessa, you'll need the expansion pack!

Screen free gifts

As silly as this wearable blanket may look, this is SO comfortable and exactly what everyone who likes to relax needs!

Find it Here!

Screen free gifts

Help the young adult in your life with some basic kitchen essentials!

We like these HERE

screen free gifts

The Alexa Echo Dot is such a great addition to any home for music, news, weather and jokes!

Grab yours HERE!


We are firm believers in comfort and that you can never have enough blankets!Check out this cozy collection from one of our favorite companies!


Screen free gifts

Even from far away, the young adult in your life will feel comforted after a long day and reading from these cards.

Find them HERE

screen free gifts

Legos will always be on all of our lists for screen-free options!

Get this set HERE!

Screen free gifts

Being an adult is hard and your child might be realizing that for the first time this year! Gift them something that brings them peace like this beautiful zen Crystal Tree: Find it Here!

Screen free gifts

Another game that can be played as a family or with their friends when the host a get together!

Check it out HERE

screen free gifts

Makeup, skin care, personal hygiene: every adult needs a little help in this area from time to time!

Check out this set here!

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 5.20.55 PM.png

We love the activities in this "challenge" book for individuals who enjoy some alone time!

use code: GIFT to get a discount!

Check it out HERE!

screen free gifts journal

We are big fans of journaling over here at LookUp! Check out the Unplugged Journal with positive affirmations and reminders to limit screen time!

Find it HERE!

*all proceeds for THIS journal goes towards LookUp!*

screen free gifts

This is a great trash bin made just for the car! Help your young adult stay clean, at least while driving!

Find it HERE!

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