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Intro to Tech Family Plan

Times have changed and parenting has new elements for parents to worry about: Technology, Screens, Phones, Tablets, Video Games, Streaming, Apps, Online Chats, Wifi Management, Parental Controls, Smart TVs, Social's overwhelming.

You're here because you care about your kids and their upbringing. You've probably heard that there are some things to worry about when it comes to screens, and that's where LookUp comes in. We are here for all the questions and set up so you enter the world of screens with ease and peace of mind.
What's okay and what's dangerous? When is it okay to allow certain elements of technology and what do you need to watch out for?

We are excited for you to start this journey with us. If you are a Member, you'll receive a 15% discount! Not a member? Join Today!

Intro to Tech Family Plan Overview

Lesson 1:

Understanding Why

In order to stay strong with your values, it's important to understand why this approach is the healthiest for your family! In lesson 1 you will hear what researchers, psychologists and parenting experts are saying about why early screen use is unsafe and damaging for our kids.

Lesson 4: What first?

Learn step-by-step what to tackle first and how to tackle it. Whether you choose to allow extra TV time, purchase a tablet for travel entertainment or are looking to purchase a smartphone, we go over ALL the options and where to start!

Lesson 7: Conclusion

Final Reminders

Let's recap and focus on the most important points in order for this new lifestyle to roll out smoothly and successfully for your family.

Lesson 2: Establishing Goals

Every family is different with different needs. In lesson 2, you will be able to create and understand your family goals and we will help you build your plan from there!

Lesson 5: SetUp with LookUp

You won't feel peace of mind without the proper safety and protection controls set up. In Lesson 5, get your notes ready because this will be a lot of information to help set up parental controls, mesh routers, and more!

Lesson 3: Creating Balance

Big tech is aiming to create screen addiction promoting laziness, low motivation and boredom. In Lesson 3, you will begin building a crucial piece of your family plan!

Lesson 6: Social Media + Games

Ready to tackle the world of social media and video games? In Lesson 6, we go over everything you need to know to set boundaries, prioritize your family goals, and enter the world of technology with your kids!


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