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LookUp Tweens!

Tweens are at that great age when they are maturing but still are kids who love to play.

Here are some of our tested, tried and true ideas for tweens!
We hope this helps you FamilyUp this holiday season!

Have you heard the rhyme:
Something they WANT, something they NEED, something they WEAR, and something they READ?
We like to use this as our guide when shopping for our own kids!

Have you downloaded our Wish List Template yet?

Screen free gifts
screen free gifts

Classic Dominos is such a fun way for tweens to get creative and can spend hours building!

Here is our Favorite Set!

screen free gift girl

Help turn your tweens room from a kid space to a teen space with a cool hammock chair like THIS ONE

screen free gift music

Does your tween love music and wants some spotify access?

Check out this screen free music player here!

screen free gift

The Alexa Echo Dot is such a great option for tweens to have in their room to listen to music, hear stories, or even learn new jokes. Tessa's kids use these as their alarm clocks with their favorite song every morning!

Grab yours HERE!

*Make sure to set up the parental controls in your Alexa app*

screen free gifts family

Have you played Catan? It is so much fun and never gets old!

Buy it HERE!

*If you're have a big family like Tessa, you'll need the expansion pack!

screen free gifts

Legos will always be on all of our lists for screen-free options!

Get this special Disney Up set HERE!

screen free gift

Pair that spotify player with some sweet bluetooth headphones!

Find them HERE

screen free gifts

Let's get outside and burn some energy!

This will never not be on our list for kids, teens and adults!

Check out a really great sports ball set HERE

screen free gifts

We are firm believers in comfort and that you can never have enough blankets!

Check out some HERE!

screen free gifts

Help your tween feel relaxed with some fun, yummy smelling bath bombs.


screen free gift family

Get ready to FamilyUp with this hilarious and interactive family game! You will literally laugh until you cry!

Find it HERE!

screen free gifts books

You can never go wrong with some new books!

Here is our current favorite for tweens!

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