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Parent Presentations

When we join you for a discussion-based presentation, your community will get a piece of our family coaching as well as the most important factors affecting our kids today, what you can do about it starting now and how to start connecting with your child no matter their age. Whether you're fearful your child is suffering from screen addiction or you want to be prepared and practice preventative care- this presentation covers it all!


Our parent presentations range in audience size.

School Parent Presentations:

  • Elementary: While you may think this doesn’t apply to your child’s upbringing because they are still young, this is actually the most crucial audience for us to address. Preventative care is important and needed in today’s society. 

  • Middle School: Such sensitive years, we work with parents in transitioning from child to teenager and share important information regarding social media, screens, school pressure and communication skills

  • High School: You may feel your teen has drifted, changed, isolates and is obsessed with his/her phone. We provide realistic action to create positive lifestyle changes and bring your family closer and connected. 

  • Church Presentations

    • Community Nights

    • Parent & Teen Nights

  • In-home

    • We'd love to join you right in your home for a small gathering with real and intimate discussions on how to keep our kids safe, help them build resiliency, and teach them how to connect with others. 

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