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It's Time To LookUp Together!

We Want To Come Speak To Your Community Today!

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We present to parents at schools, churches and even in the comfort of your own home to share what we feel passionate every family should hear: The reality of parenting in today's tech-obsessed world and how screens are effecting mental health. Our goal is to inspire a culture of mindfulness, balance, and intentional living in an increasingly digital world.


As a parent it’s overwhelming trying to keep up and feel confident raising healthy, well-adjusted kids. From technology to social media to pandemic learning, it’s hard to know as a parent how to do it all and how to do it right.  


That’s where LookUp comes in!


With eager and passionate hearts LookUp provides understanding to help create ease within your household. We won’t just leave you with statistics and awareness. Our main focus is sharing the preventative care needed and providing the “what now?” piece so families can walk away motivated, hopeful and ready to create positive change within their family's lifestyle. 

We offer multiple speaking options that will accommodate your community's needs.

Many times combining presentations to reach multiple audiences is most effective. 

In a world dominated by screens, raising resilient and mentally healthy children requires



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