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LookUp is dedicated to support families in raising a healthy and mindful generation by providing practical tools and resources to help them

navigate the challenges of screens and social media.


LookUp empowers families to prioritize their overall well-being and mental health through meaningful connections and positive environments, encouraging them to LookUp from their devices and see the opportunities for growth and happiness in their lives.

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ParentUp with LookUp

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Join us for an empowering event that focuses on preventative care within young families, fostering a proactive mindset in managing screen time and promoting mental well-being. Let's build a community where families thrive, armed with the knowledge and tools to prevent mental health struggles associated with the digital age.

Family Adjustments

Discover exactly what your family needs with practical, actionable tips for integrating technology responsibly into family life, striking a harmonious balance that promotes mental well-being. Engage in hands-on workshops and programs that guide you through mindful parenting practices, equipping you with practical techniques to foster a supportive and nurturing environment at home.

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Our Promise

Paving the way for a resilient and connected future for your whole family:

Confidently cultivate mindful screen habits within your family and develop a preventative mindset in parenting.

Learn effective communication techniques that strengthen family bonds, ensuring open and honest discussions about screen use and its effects on mental well-being.

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