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LookUp is dedicated to inspire a culture of intentional lifestyles in an increasingly digital world. We are committed to creating positive change for families and parents through speaking events, program development, curriculum + workshops.

And we want your help!

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Become a LookUp Supporter

  • You believe in LookUp's mission and want to continually support

  • Access exclusive resources and workshops

  • Receive regular updates on our projects and initiatives

  • Free Family Consultation

  • Participate in shaping our future goals

You can sign up for $15/month or receive a discount and pay an annual fee of $150

LookUp Fairies

When going out to eat, do you see families all staring at their screens? Yea, us too. And we hate it. But, we've learned that the only way to make a change is through positive reinforcement and encouragement.


So, what about the families who are LookingUp instead?  We want to spread some goodness and positivity by treating families who are LookingUp while spending time together.


We are looking for LookUp Fairies to help distribute gifts to teens out having fun offline and families too!

We are also looking for LookUp Fairy sponsors to help us gift to families out and about!

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Become a LookUp Ambassador

Are you passionate about our message and want more families to hear? Are you comfortable with public speaking?


We are looking for fellow parents who want to join our team of passionate ambassadors and help us spread the word about LookUp!

As an ambassador, you will:

  • Receive everything within the SponsorUp Package

  • Become *LookUp certified and qualified to lead discussions and parent groups

  • Represent LookUp at community events and outreach programs

  • Engage with potential members and sponsors

In order to qualify for an Ambassador Position, you must become a supporter first.

*Internship Opportunity Available*



We will come to you!

Consider hosting a meeting to raise awareness and gather support within your circle of friends.

As a host, you'll:

  • Have the opportunity to share about LookUp with close friends in the comfort of your home creating a more personal and intimate setting.

  • Play a vital role in engaging the community and fostering dialogue with your circle of friends

  • Help your child's friend's parents gain insight

  • Receive support from LookUp in organizing and promoting the event

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Thank you!

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