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No Tech (yet) Families

We are so glad you're here! You are actively preparing for what's to come and here at LookUp we couldn't agree with you more!


We believe delaying smart devices is healthiest for our kids and their upbringing.

Here are some of the reasons we believe so:

  • According to a study by the National Library of Medicine: Effects of Excessive Screen Time on Child Development: An Updated Review and Strategies for Management: "The early years of childhood are crucial for acquiring language skills and children develop various aspects of language, including vocabulary and phonology. These skills are acquired through interactions with adults...excessive screen time and media multitasking can negatively affect executive functioning, sensorimotor development, and academic outcomes. Early screen exposure has been associated with lower cognitive abilities and academic performance in later years"

  • More than 20% of teens have seriously considered suicide. This is a result from stressors built up due to social media, inability to cope, loneliness (due to lack of social skills and in-person interactions) and screen addiction. (Check out a study here that demonstrates the link between smartphones and suicide)

  • One of our Founders, Tessa Stuckey, has found that many of the mental health issues today's youth is facing is due to social media harms, screen addiction, and early exposure to inappropriate adult content. Learn more about Tessa's work HERE
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We encourage you to stay informed, keep up with fighting the uphill battle and reach out to us for ongoing support.



We know, first hand, that this is easier said than done.

We want to support you and your family TODAY!


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