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Introducing WINK

WINK is part of a fun nationwide scavenger hunt to help kids and families get outside more, spend less time on devices, and have some fun!

WINK originated in The Woodlands, TX!

Have you found WINK?


WINK aligns with LookUp's values by emphasizing the importance of well-being, intention, nature, and kindness in our offline lives. It encourages individuals to prioritize self-care, inspire others, connect with nature, and spread kindness to create a positive and fulfilling offline experience.

Wink and friends are "hiding" all around town for those who are LookingUp from their devices and ready to enjoy time outside.

We are grateful for our sponsors who help us keep WINK an active part of the community!

We are always looking for those interested in helping! (monetary, prizes, gift cards)


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What Does WINK Stand For?

W: Well-being

I: Intention

N: Nature

K: Kindness

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